Airport Insights


The Airport environment allows consumers a greater opportunity to absorb & respond to advertising.

Dwell time is sell time

Helsinki Airport environment allows consumers a greater opportunity to absorb & respond to advertising. As a closed environment where passengers spend approximately two hours before departing (Finavia, 2017), advertisers have many opportunities to activate and engage. The passengers are willing to participate in sponsored content, for example the likelihood in participating in actions listed below:

86% charge device on a charging station

85% taste free food/beverage samples

55% Try out new technology

46% engage with a new product or service

The passengers are in a positive mindset which makes them notice more advertising. Even most of the busy business travelers spontaneously remember brands and advertising mediums from Helsinki airport (Clear Channel Finland & ToinenPHD, 2014). Because all passenger routes are recorded, advertisers can accurately target their message to a pinned target group.


Active dwell time increases advertising exposure

Helsinki Airport offers a wide variety of advertising possibilities. Each location and medium is precisely planned for that location, supporting the advertiser in communicating their message efficiently. Because the point of contact is accurate timed, the message is understood better.

According to Finavias Commercia update (2017), passengers engage in various activities while at the airport:

17% shop for food, beverages or snacks at the kiosks at the Airport

48% dine at the Airport restaurants

35% shop for travel accessories, new tech, entertaiment or duty free before boarding the plane

Airport advertising gives a last point possibility to affect passenger behavior and purchase decisions on the spot. Dwell time is laid back and passengers are willing to make purchases. Our new, state-of-the-art large format digital screens offer more possibilities for activation. The advertisers message can contain social media triggers or real-time data read from a feed, e.g. current offers.


Influence purchase decisions

Message recall is higher in Airport advertising. Passengers are open to possibilities and wand to engage with advertising. The latest buzz is to connect consumers with exciting lifestyle trends. Passengers have an interest in learning more about products and services while at the airport. For example the following products and services scored high in Nielsen&Clear Channel Airports conducted survey (2017):

43% Streaming services

34% Heath&Wellness services and products

33% High end accessories and apparel

29% Alcohol

Helsinki airport offers also the possibility to sponsor services and build brand fame while bringing true benefits to passengers. Read more about our Branded Areas to see what we have done for American Express, Fortum and many other brands lately.


Airports are a launchpad for social media chatter

Passengers are active and connected also at the airport. Using their devices (mobile, tablet or desktop), they participate in many online functions:

77% search the internet

41% visit location based sites

34% make travel reservations

32% do online shopping

13% Use an offering from a deal site

Helsinki Airport also offers a completely free and unrestricted wifi to serve all international passengers. This can also be used to the benefit of the advertiser. Long dwell time and leisure increase the opportunity to engage also in sponsored content, or just find out more information on a advertised brand or product.

29% Respond to a social media call to action seen in Airport advertising

36% Visited a website to find out more about products/services seen in an ad at the airport.


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