Aiport offers both static and digital networks for reaching the whole flying audience.

The original formats for out-of home advertising. Effective, popular and in an exclusive airport environment, illuminated displays in Adshel or digital formats provide unobstructed visibility along walkways, staircases and escalators, and offer a panoramic view to a captive audience. 


Address and engage your audience with a digital message with our Premium Traveller (PT) network. PT covers the whole of the airport ranging from the lobbies and walkways all the way to the prestigious Business Lounges. With PT the advertiser reches 100% of all the passengers, but the network can also be used in smaller scale according to brief.


Business Traveller is our effective, high frequency static network, reaching departing and arriving Helsinki Airport passengers.  BT, as we like to call it, offers various possibilities for targeting your message according to meeting point and time.


Business Panorama is a larger format digital screen network inside the Airport building on air side. Located on the busiest places for shopping and dining, it offers media for building brand fame at the airport. Like Premium Traveller, Business Panarama utilizes all the benefits of Digital Out of Home.