Helsinki Airport attracts Asian advertisers

Finavia Corp., the Finnish airport operator, has been working determinedly to reach Asian markets and it can already be seen in the advertisement scenery of the Helsinki Airport. New routes and the increasing number of passengers bring along Asian companies who are interested in the visibility at Helsinki Airport. The first company to land was Chinese Yuneec Electric Aviation, whose year-long advertisement campaign was just launched at the airport.

Finavia and a Chinese airport operator signed a co-operation agreement in January 2016. One of its goals is to ensure and establish new ways of collaboration between different actors.

- The co-operation of the airport operators opens doors for advertisers as well. I see many possibilities in having Asian companies present at Helsinki Airport. Of course, it lifts our business, but I believe that new companies and new ways of advertising play an important role in taking the attractivity of the airport to the next level, states Ville Bergman, Head of Airport Media, Clear Channel Suomi Oy.

A virtual remote-controlled camera available for testing

The newly launched advertisement campaign can be seen as the first clear outcome of increased co-operation. A Chinese manufacturer of flying cameras, Yuneec Electric Aviation, has just launched a year-long advertisement campaign that combines promotion activities and digital coverage.

- The flying cameras of Yuneec Electric Aviation are exquisite remote-controlled devices. Their unique features enable capturing high-quality footage on for example moving objects. As a part of the promotion passengers of Helsinki Airport may try flying the camera device via a virtual simulator, describes Bergman.

The promotion activities are a joint implementation of Clear Channel Suomi Oy, who is responsible for advertising space at Helsinki Airport, and an experience marketing agency Promotion Point. 

Asian advertisers are welcome at Helsinki Airport

Finavia strives to strengthen Helsinki-Airport’s role as a significant hub between Asia and Europe. Helsinki Airport was chosen as the best North European airport (Skytrax 2016) and already now it is the fifth largest hub between Asia and Europe and the largest between Japan and Europe. 

Advertisement scenery is a key element of the visual image of an airport and also has a great impact on the memories passengers are left with as they continue their travels. 

- As the number of passengers has increased and the airport has developed, advertisers and other actors have shown growing interest towards Helsinki Airport. It is great that also Asian companies have started to see Helsinki Airport’s potential as a profitable and interesting place to make business at. I think the newly launched campaign of Yuneec has been thoroughly planned and executed with style. It shows that advertisement activities can increase the satisfaction of passengers during their stay and provide them with memorable moments, sums up Finavia’s Vice President Jukka Isomäki, who is responsible for commercial operations of Helsinki Airport.


Clear Channel Suomi Oy

More information on the promotion and the advertisement possibilities at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: Ville Bergman, Head of Airport Media,
Clear Channel Suomi Oy, tel. 040 900 2830,