Creative executions

Outdoor advertising offers endless possibilities to stand out, and the only limit is one’s imagination.

The golden rules of outdoor advertising:

• Simplicity is your best ally. A clear and concise message has greater effect. Target 5 words maximum.

• Ensure your brand is clearly visible.

• Legibility is essential. Use highly contrasting colors and a clean font. Ensure there is enough space between the letters and words. After all, outdoor advertising is a visual medium.

• To attract attention and maximize retention of your message, play with words and use a catchy title. If you provoke a positive emotion, you’re on the right track.

• Beautiful campaigns get noticed most. The competition is fierce. Hire a professional graphic artist.

• The ad must be able to stand on its own; it must contain your entire message.

• Attractive design and optimal media placement will increase the chances of attaining your objectives. Do not hesitate to discuss strategy and geotargeting with one of our specialists.

• Multiple versions of your message increase the value of your campaign and will improve your brand perception. It is important that the various visuals are based around the same theme to maximize understanding and message retention.