Research methods

Outdoor Impact

Outdoor Impact is a contemporary audience measuring system which produces coverage and replay statistics for different outdoor advertising series and series combinations. Accuracy is unique in the research. It gives a more effective working tool for media professionals to choose intra-media and inter-media.

VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contact) is produced by Outdoor Impact –audience measuring system, high cultured media currency. It tells verified eye contacts of different outdoor medias by defining how many of passers by are looking at the outdoor poster surface by the modeling of observation research.

  • The research considers i.a. public traffic flow
  • Consumers’ passageways
  • Variables of noticing physical advertising
  • Lightning
  • Single advertising location place by viewer

And gives extremely precise and encompassing information about:

  • Campaign gross contacts
  • Campaign coverage and replay numbers for different outdoor advertising series and series combinations
  • Campaign cost-effectiveness (contact price; CPT = Cost per thousand) Please ensure the right media value with VAC (not surface amounts)

More information

Campaign Impact

Campaign Impact research measures operability, noticing and consumers’ opinions of outdoor advertising campaigns. The research includes interviews with 100-200 Finnish persons between 16-64 years. Ask more from our sales department.