Research and Insight

At Clear Channel, research and insight plays an integral part in everything we do.
That’s why we’re continuously investing in new and engaging research that furthers our understanding of the audiences we reach and the impact our Out Of Home (OOH) advertising has on the consumer.


Campaign Optimisation

We invest in numerous data sources to help us understand exactly which audiences are engaging with our sites and when. Through careful analysis and application, we’re able to plan targeted campaigns that ensure your message reaches the right consumer, at the right time, in the right place.

Audience & Environment

At Clear Channel we strive to understand exactly how our audiences behave, think and feel in each and every one of our environments. Our detailed understanding of these environments means that we can provide expert advice on how best to tailor your campaign to maximise the impact of your advertising.

Media Channels

Clear Channel offers a diverse range of OOH advertising sites each capable of achieving very different campaign objectives. Working under the 3 key pillars of ReachActivation and Fame we seek to understand the effects of our advertising sites and how they work alongside other media channels.

Our Research Studies

Digitaalinen ulkomainonta tukee brändin maineen rakentamista

Mistä rakentuu brändi? Cog Researchin suorittaman tutkimuksen (2015) mukaan brändien kuuluisuus kuluttajien mielissä rakentuu neljän eri teeman ympärille; tunnetason merkityksellisyys, luovuus, ikonisuus sekä näkyvyys ja puhuttelevuus. Kaikki nämä teemat linkittyvät yhteen brändin maineikkuuden kautta. Lue lisää…


Consumer Connection System & OOH target groups

Outdoor advertising is proven to be the most effective media when it comes to increasing attention value and making your product memorable during the buyers journey. Consumer Connection System (CCS) is a proprietary survey on communication behaviour, attitudes and consumption behavior. Together with Dentsu Aegis Network we identified target groups most receptive to OOH. Read more…


Kauppakeskusmainonta puhuttaa ja ohjaa ostamaan

Kauppakeskukset ovat sosiaalinen ympäristö, jossa mainonta kohdataan positiivisessa mielentilassa. Lue lisää…


The Environment Studies

Something we strive to show a deep understanding of here at Clear Channel, is exactly how our audiences behave, think and feel in each and every one of our environments. Reflective of this, The Environment Studies offer a rare glimpse into four diverse advertising situations: roadside, supermarkets and malls.

Each study draws on information gathered from over 1,000 online surveys.

Thanks to cutting-edge research techniques, the resulting studies provide invaluable environment specific insights into key audience groups, their mindset, purchase behaviours, habits and attitudes toward advertising.


Kuluttajan ostopolun tuntemisesta tehoa kampanjaan: reach, impact, activate

Clear Channel suoritti yhdessä tutkimusyritys Consumer Compassin kanssa suuren Ostopolkututkimuksen syksyllä 2018. Tutkimuksessa selvitettiin suomalaisten tottumuksia ostoksilla käymisen, kauppakeskusten sekä päivittäistavaramyymälöiden suhteen. Lue lisää…


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