Shopping Wall Portrait + The Wall

Make an impact of your campaign right at the purchasing decision with huge digital shopping mall screens in portrait format. Maximize the impact in heart of Helsinki, in Kamppi.




4,7 M OTC

vaikutusalueen tunnusluvut

Campaign Duration 7 days
OTC Total (M) 4,7
No of Panels 15
Mediaprice 1 week 27 200€
Material & Technical fee 390€
Total 27 590€

Networks: Kamppi (Helsinki) + Iso Omena (Espoo), Sokos 3 pcs (Helsinki), Itis 4 pcs (Helsinki), Kaari 2pcs (Helsinki), Puuvilla (Pori), Koskikeskus (Tampere), Hansa (Turku), Dixi (Vantaa)

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Production sheet: Shopping Walls


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Assembly cost
Media cost
Total price
Number of weeks
Production cost
Surfaces -
Assembly cost 0,-
Media cost 27 200€
Total price 27 200€/wk
Number of weeks -
Production cost 390€


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